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School:Langley School
Type of School: day&boarding school for boys&girls
Age range:
Number of students: 560
Number of boarders: 115
International Students:
Teacher:pupil ratio: 1:8
Annual boarding fees: 11400-29535(GBP/Year)
Website: http://www.langleyschool.co.uk

Small class sizes 
Full activities programme
Small class sizes
First class learning support

English as an Additional Language
This is taught by four well qualified and very experienced teachers along with a resident teacher from Mainland China, who teaches A Level Chinese and also offers support to students with their other subjects. Our Chinese teacher helps our Chinese students adapt to a different cultural environment. Our specialised EAL teachers offer individualised IELTS courses for Year 12 and 13 students to prepare for their final IELTS examination; which can be taken as soon as the student is ready.
A satisfactory result in IELTS is used by UK universities as their entry requirement for English. We believe that the best way for students to learn English is through their
curriculum subjects, and our teaching approach is based on the principles of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning). We work closely with subject teachers in order to know how individual students need to be supported. The EAL department works hard to create a friendly and inclusive environment for our students, where they can feel at home. We are always available to offer a listening ear and help with any problems the student may be having. We organise various social events
throughout the year, such as Chinese New Year celebrations and the annual trip to the pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Norwich. Sixth Form students are given
individual help by EAL staff, throughout the university application process (UCAS).

Key Facts
New Sixth Form Centre & Performance Hall    Full programme of weekend activities
Grade I listed building & 110 acres of grounds    Refurbished boarding facilities
100% of Year 13s gain their university places    Large choice of A-Levels
Strong boarding community    Excellent facilities

GCSE Results    A Level Results
A*-C    A*-E
2013 - 95%     2013 - 95%
2014 - 97%     2014 - 99.5%
2015 - 95%     2015- 99%

Student Profile

 My name is Yiping Zhang and my English name is Vivi. I am in year 12 and I started studying at Langley school in September 2015. To be honest, compared to my last school, Langley school is more helpful and friendly. On my first day lots of different teachers and students chatted to me. I was so surprised and happy about this new school. By the way, I really would like to talk about the environment around this school. Langley school has fields for students who like to play sports and there is also a beautiful school building with high technology. I am studying A-levels and then I plan to go to university. I am studying maths, economics,business studies,and Chinese.at A Level. However, for an international student it is difficult to learn economics and business, because they are essay based subjects. Therefore, I come to EAL to ask for support. My EAL teachers are very friendly and responsive. I have economics and business support every week, which is helpful and very useful. Every lesson the teachers test me on the key words definition from last class, which really helps me to remember them so that I can use them in my essays. Moreover, classes are not boring because the teachers teach in different ways, which attracts students’ attention. In EAL we are just like a big family, students like chatting with their friends in different languages, and everybody will help each other when they find something difficult to learn or remember. In addition, as an international student, we also need to pass IELTS exam for applying good university, so EAL teaches IELTS for international students as well, which is good for students who want to get high grades in IELTS. So far this year I have raised my IELTS band score to 6.5, which I am pleased with, but my target is band 7.0. I believe I can do this, because I know there are lots of teachers in EAL who are willing to help me. Finally, Langley School has a really academic atmosphere for students to learn more skills and develop their knowledge. There are also a variety of activities every week, so students who choose this school will not be  bored and lonely ,we are just like a big family.


Student Profile

My name is Ryan, Im from the south of China and Im in Year 11 at Langley School. Its my third year here. When I first came here I felt concerned and on the first day, I didnt even know where my form was. My room-mate helped me to find it. I think the people here are friendly. When I arrived my English was so bad! In lessons such as science, I didnt even understand the key words. I could ask the EAL teachers what things meant and they helped me to learn the words, they gave me a book to write down the definitions. They helped me to understand written texts and to write answers. In EAL the teachers helped me to do some speaking lessons and told me which ways I can improve my English. Over the next two years I improved my English and Im fine now. I really like chemistry and I quite like photography and maths. Ive made some good friends here and we can go to the nearby city called Norwich every Saturday. If you've got any personal problems ,or ones with you work,the EAL teachers are there to help you. Every year we have a party and nice food to celebrate Chinese New Year and we really like that.I'm coming back next year to study A Levels; I'm thinking of doing double maths and eighter accounting or photograph.


 Langley School, Langley Park, Loddon, Norfolk, England NR14 6BJ
Email: cmayes@langleyschool.co.uk
Website: www.langleyschool.co.uk
Telephone: (01508) 522474(01508) 522474

Norwich Airport is 30 minutes from Langley School
and there are several flights daily to and from
Amsterdam Airport with onward worldwide