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As the Schools’ Official Representative, in China, my principal role is to disseminate information on the schools to both parents and agents here in China. In order to comply with the ever more demanding requirements of the UKBA, I am also required to interview and test all potential students, whether applying directly to a Consortium schools or through agents here in China.

I am not an agent but act solely as the Schools’ authorized representative in China. As such I am able to provide you with updated materials and professional assistance in the placement of your child any of our schools at no cost.
This provides you the opportunity of discussing matters in person with the schools’ official representative, ensuring that you are fully informed of what the school expects from its students and what it has to offer its students.

I am in constant contact with all the Consortium schools and so am able to advise you on the availability of places at any school at any time. Furthermore, as the schools’ Representative responsible for reporting to the schools on the suitability of the applicants, I can give you a very good indication of the likelihood of success of your application during our initial interview, something agents can not do.
The process includes interviewing, testing and reporting on each student. This substantially speeds up the process of the students’ application. It also means that, should the student fail to be accepted by their first school of choice for any reason, I can assist in providing a suitable alternative school of choice for you to consider.
Another very big advantage is that approximately 19 of our Consortium schools can now accept a “generic set of entrance tests” which means I can test a student once and those tests will qualify the student to apply to up to 19 of the 25 schools in the Consortium.

Furthermore we also allow each student to select up to 3 schools for submission of papers to without the need for prepayment of any registration fee. I submit the papers to all 3 schools along with my report and each school will then respond with an offer or refusal. The student is then required to make a final choice and only then will the parents be required to pay the registration fees.

This makes the selection and application process much quicker, cheaper and more efficient for all concerned and ensures that most students are likely to receive an offer from one of our schools.

The consortium schools will not accept students directly all applications must go through me as the Official Representative in China and that is why you have been referred back to me.
Please note that all the Consortium schools are, very heavily subscribed and receive many enquiries from China and for this reason they have strict quotas on the number of overseas students they can take each year. The majority of schools will usually have no more than 10% Chinese content so students can be assured of a genuinely British education.
Acting, as I am, as the Consortium Schools Official Representative there are no fees involved in the initial inquiry process and I am happy to answer your questions and provide information on any of our schools free of charge.
Tests can take place in my office in Beijing or, if the student wants, I can attend to test the student at your office or in their home city (major cities only) for which a nominal test fee will apply.